California Chevy Volt Rebates & HOV/Carpool Lane Stickers – 2012

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If you’ve recently purchased a 2012 Chevy Volt in California with the low emissions package for California, as a rule of thumb these are Volts that were Built and Sold after March 1, 2012.  Then are you eligible for $1500 in purchase rebates – this is not a tax rebate, but rather a $1500 check that California will write you for buying a Volt.  And you are eligible for a sticker that will allow you to access any of California’s Carpool lanes (HOV Lanes) during commute hours with only 1 person in the vehicle.  A great bonus if you commute!

If you are on a dealer lot and want to make sure the Volt you are buying will qualify for an HOV sticker, you can check the VIN number of the Volt.  Look at the 5th position of the VIN for the letters (E, F, G, or H) For example, my Chevy Volt VIN number is 1G1RD6E4XBU100010.  The 5th position is a “D” so it does not qualify for HOV lane privileges.  Older Volts cannot be retrofitted to include a low emissions package so if you bought in the first year you are out of luck.

The rebate and the HOV sticker are part of two separate programs.  See details below on how to apply for them.

1.)     The $1500 California Chevy Volt purchase rebate is being administered by the Clean Vehicle Rebate program, which is a program from the Center for Sustainable Energy in California.  The rebate pool is limited to the funding at hand.  To see how much is left in the funding pool and to apply for the rebate, go to the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program Page and follow the instructions.

2.)    Getting a California HOV Sticker is as easy as filling out a form and mailing it in to the address listed on the form thanks Mark for the catch*  and making an appointment with the DMV to submit it.  (Is anything easy with the DMV?)  Just kidding – this one shouldn’t be too bad.  Download the DMV form here.  Remember to make sure to check that your Volt is eligible.  Note:  You can only apply for this AFTER you have your Volt’s Vehicle Registration Card.  So don’t try to apply for it until after you get your registration.  (Sorry no Carpool lanes on day 1)

  1. Notes on filling out the HOV Sticker form

i.      Your Vehicle Exhaust standard is:  AT-PZEV (Green Decal)

ii.      The Motive Power is:  Plug in Hybrid (Green Decal)

As an early Volt owner, I would have loved to have these advantages, but such is life.


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