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Schedule Your Volt Service

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 Chevy Volt Service Tips

While every vehicle is different & should be evaluated by a trained, GM certified technician, at this point GM normally recommends the oil filter to be inspected every 24000km/15000mi for corrosion and if it is corroded to perform an oil change. However, the Volt under normal operating conditions will require an oil change when the Change Engine Oil Soon message appears or every 24 months (whichever comes first). The engine does require the use of Dexos approved oil. If this is not available than any API 5W30 oil will suffice.

Based on the service intervals of up to 24 months it might be a good idea to use a Dexos or equivalent synthetic oil. GM does not recommend the use of engine additives or flushes. It is recommended the vehicle owner inspect the oil on a monthly basis and top up as required.  For more information, call Tim or Meghan at 206.243.5800.  Or Cick Here to schedule service.

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