Volt Tax Credit Questions

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Volt Tax Credit Questions

Chevy Volt Federal Tax Credit – Form 8936

update 5/5/2012:

IRS Tax Form 8936 FAQ’s

Many folks have common questions about IRS form 8936, the $7500 EV Tax credit that applies for the Chevrolet Volt and other production EV’s.  Keep in mind to always consult with your  Professional Tax Adviser.  Tax Law can change at any time; so check with your tax adviser, registered CPA or attorney first if in doubt about your specific circumstance.

Here are a few links that may be helpful:

  • MyChevroletVolt.com (Not affiliated with General Motors)
  • IRS Website – also, IRS Form 8936 – also, see General Motors Qualifying Vehicles page.
  • Wall Street Journal – LINK
  • Detroit Free Press – LINK
  • Business Week – LINK
  • Seattle Times: Praise for the Chevrolet Volt, “‘With the Volt, if you have something unexpected come up, you just go,’ he said. The Volt is a plug-in vehicle that switches to gasoline if battery power runs out, extending its range beyond that of a fully electric vehicle.”Read More.

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